Getting "Greener" as we Grow

At Southern Express, we make every effort possible to be kind to the environment. As we grow and evolve, we will continue to look for ways that we can maximize resources and give back to our earth. One consideration will be to add more environmentally friendly motorcoaches with new EPA-compliant engines. These engines emit less black smoke and particles from their exhausts and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90% over previous motorcoach models... that's a new generation of motorcoach carrier!

Of the 19 motorcoaches in our fleet, six currently have cleaner engines and we are in the process of purchasing more. We are also researching battery-powered buses as an alternative option and ensuring that all of our vehicles meet current EPA standards.


Did You Know?

  • Going by Bus is "Green" by nature. 
  • *Motorcoaches average 184 passenger MPG
    (better than Cars, Airlines, or Commuter Rail)
  • *Motorcoaches emit less carbon dioxide
    (per passenger mile traveled)
  • *Buses use 946 BTUs per passenger mile
    (better than Airlines or Trains)

*Information provided by the American Bus Association 

Beyond Statistics

Southern Express goes beyond statistics, applying the highest environmentally friendly standards to our everyday practices.

  • 100% of our fleet has new clean-engine technology
  • At our office and garage facilities:
    We use Low-Sulfur diesel fuel (exclusively)
    Oil/water separators protect our waterways
    A chemical toilet dump station processes all waste
    Manual bus washing reduces freshwater usage
  • Monitored tire air pressure gives better mileage
  • We recycle used motor oils and other fluids
  • Cardboard and waste office paper are recycled
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