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Going by Bus is "GREEN" by nature. 
Consider these facts from the American Bus Association:
- Motorcoaches average 184 passenger MPG
   (better than Cars, Airlines or Commuter Rail)
- Motorcoaches emit less carbon dioxide
   (per passenger mile travelled)
- Buses use 946 BTUs per passenger mile
   (better than Airlines or Trains)
Beyond Statistics.
Southern Express goes beyond statistics.
- 100% of our fleet has new clean-engine technology
At our office and garage facilities:
- We use Low-Sulfur diesel fuel (exclusively)
- Oil/water separators protect our waterways
- A chemical toilet dump station processes all waste
- Manual bus washing reduces fresh water usage
- Monitored tire air pressure gives better mileage
- We recycle used motor oils and other fluids
- Cardboard and waste office paper are recycled!
Getting "GREENER" as we Grow.
As our company expands, we will be adding more and more environmentally friendly motorcoaches with new EPA-compliant engines.  These engines emit less black smoke and particles from their exhausts and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90% over previous motorcoach models.
. . . that's a new generation of motorcoach carrier!